If Bolton gets called, why not others?

Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head yesterday when he said, "We are clearly not living in a real world, folks.  We're living in a Democrat, media-generated illusion, a fantasyland." A fair trial is a constitutional right, guaranteed any and every defendant in America, except seemingly the president.  The House impeachment process was clearly unfair to the president, as he, his attorneys, and his party were not permitted the opportunity to challenge any fact, or call any witness in his defense.  In the president's words, a sham. With Republicans holding the majority in the Senate, there appeared to be some chance that fairness could be brought to the process.  See Rush's comment above.  The Senate process has become a joke, a sham, a Democrat, media-generated illusion.   After three days of repetitive half-truths being advanced from Shifty Schiff, his co-managers, and their media...(Read Full Post)
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