How Hollywood-style propaganda can wreck a country

People often ask, Why are Democrats and media so vicious toward President Trump if he's doing so much to improve our country?  After all, they reason, they're Americans, too, so what do they have to gain by trying to stop him?  That leads them to conclude that there must be something wrong with a person who is constantly criticized by a large segment of the body politic.  Therein lies the modus operandi that makes propaganda so useful in manipulating public opinion.  It's like the 4 Rs of institutional learning: repetition, reinforcement, retention, and recall. In other words, the more often you hear something, the more likely you're going to remember it and use it as a foundation for your opinions.  If the fake news media continuously repeat the left-wing mantra that Trump is a racist, those who haven't the time or the inclination to research the facts are likely to simply accept it as the...(Read Full Post)
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