Five little noted doozies from last night's Democratic debate

Before I drifted off out of boredom, I caught the first part of Democratic debate seven, on foreign policy, health care, identity politics, and other topics, and oh, what a revelation about these last six characters from the clown car still standing.  These are the people who would occupy the White House, and you wouldn't want to be there if it happened.  Five things stick out as doozies of contradictions, hypocrisy, and full-blown whoppers: 5. The Warren-Sanders "woman as president" wrangle.  Before the debate, Elizabeth Warren made waves by claiming that Bernie Sanders told her a woman couldn't win the presidency.  On the surface, it's hard to believe, given that Bernie has been around the block and remembers Margaret Thatcher only too well.  But more to the point, Warren is fond of bringing up 1970s-style feminist tropes from the Gloria Steinem era — female teachers being fired for...(Read Full Post)
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