Fake vs. real history

Fake history is a lot like fake news — left-leaning propaganda devoid of truth and substance.  Wednesday's impeachment display was truly one for the fake history books.  Defying the narrative of a somber undertaking, cheery pink suit and all, House speaker Nancy Pelosi barely suppressed, along with her colleagues, a demeanor of self-satisfaction and sheer delight worthy of the Academy Award.  Instead of the Oscar, there was the "Nancy," a gold pen emblazoned with her name, given to the greatest political performers who act as if they have the best interests of the United States at heart.  Her remarks compared the false, underhanded impeachment proceedings to notable and historic events of our nation's past.  Her zany ramblings belied the fact that this impeachment is not a result of an actual crime but is in truth a nasty bipartisan assault on a political rival and our constitution.  Pelosi...(Read Full Post)
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