Don't be fooled by liberal dark money influence

Hypocrisy in politics is typical, but every so often, it reaches a new low.  Such is the case with a recent political ad attacking dark money's influence in politics — an ad funded by dark money.  The group Future Majority did exactly that as part of their 2018 efforts to elect Democrats to Congress.  Now groups like Future Majority are focused on denying President Trump re-election in 2020.  Democrats have no good response to the president's popularity and his accomplished record, so they turn to dark money–funded smear campaigns to discredit him and his supporters.  Politico reports that Future Majority — one such dark money group — is prepared to invest $60 million in swing states like Wisconsin and Michigan in 2020 to defeat the president.  Another dark money group is Arabella Advisors, orchestrators of many...(Read Full Post)
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