Did Nick Sandmann open the door?

About a year ago, Nick Sandmann was a young man on a trip to the nation's capital — and then we know the rest of the story.  He was trashed in the media and turned into some devil harassing a Native American bystander.  To be short, a lot of crazy things were said about this young man.  As the father of three young men, I was furious. Well, it appears that Nick and company may have the last laugh, as we see in this report: Sandmann beat CNN (the other suits are pending), which settled and paid rather than risk a trial. Assuming credibility and self-respect are worth about zero, we now know that the price tag for the agenda journalism CNN practices is reportedly $25 million. That amount is probably half of what the network spends on botox for Anderson Cooper, but as Cooper's aestheticians are prone to say, it's a start. With a win in Sandmann's pocket and as his cases against the other media outlets work their way...(Read Full Post)
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