Democrats show their hand as Senate impeachment proceedings begin

The House impeachment proceedings had a farcical element from start to finish.  They began with Adam "Pencil Neck" Schiff making up facts; continued with secret hearings, something a prosecuting party would never do if the facts favored it; moved to a partisan vote on two made-up articles of impeachment; and finally, contradicting the Democrats' earlier insistence that impeachment was an urgent necessity to preserve the nation, the House sat on the articles of impeachment for a full month. Yesterday, with great fanfare, bizarrely slurred speech, strange poetic references, ceremonial pens, and giggles and grins belying Nancy Pelosi's words about solemnity, the House finally transferred the articles of impeachment to the Senate.  Then the serious politicking began. One of Trump's greatest accomplishments has been to restore the rule of law to the federal court system by appointing judges who are strict...(Read Full Post)
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