Cocaine Mitch pounds Nancy Pelosi into a powder

House speaker Nancy Pelosi is feeling the heat. Just as she thought she had President Trump backed into a corner with impeachment, she smashed herself against a brick wall in Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who refused to go by her rules, laying waste to all her precious plans. In the Senate, Cocaine Mitch makes his own rules.  But actually, it's not that; Mitch is just using Clinton-era impeachment rules. Those rules were to invite the Democrats to present their case and answer questions, and then have the Senate decide whether to call witnesses.  Pelosi had already gone all out and claimed she wanted the Senate to call witnesses.  Mitch was obliged to follow no such diktats.  And as a result of staying steadfast on Trump, he now has a quorum to move ahead with those rules. It's gotten so bad that it's now Senate Democrats who are warning Pelosi to...(Read Full Post)
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