Chief Justice John Roberts strikes out

Chief Justice John Roberts doesn't seem to have the judicial acumen of a traffic court judge.  During the course of the impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, Americans have now seen the chief justice have three historical strikes.  Consequently, the Senate should immediately vote to have case dismissed, against President Trump.  Our fairly elected president should be immediately acquitted of these most politically driven bogus charges in American constitutional history. Strike one by John Roberts is simple, based on the conduct of his presiding over the trial.  It is obvious that he has been over-the-top prejudiced against President Trump by not holding House Democrat managers accountable for their gross breach of decorum. Early in the proceedings, Chief Justice Roberts invoked a precedent from 1905, using the word "pettifoggery," to establish decorum during the impeachment  trial the Constitution makes him preside...(Read Full Post)
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