Chavista San Francisco: Chesa Boudin lets the first one out

In San Francisco, it's apparently now OK to take out a broken booze bottle, raise it, and charge a police car, (on film no less); get predictably shot; and for that...face no charges. That's the story, in far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin's San Francisco. Hugo Chávez's former translator won his district attorney's office on a promise to basically make laws illegal same as Hugo Chávez before him, and now he's giving it to the city good and hard. Here's the San Francisco Examiner report: Newly elected District Attorney Chesa Boudin has withdrawn the criminal complaint against a man who was shot by police after allegedly attacking two officers in the Mission, the San Francisco Examiner has learned. Jamaica Hampton, 24, faced various charges including assault after videos appeared to show him striking an officer with a glass vodka bottle near 23rd and Mission streets last December...(Read Full Post)
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