Cartel violence flaring up near Texas-Mexico border

It's not surprising to see this in the news: The United States consulate in Mexico's border city of Nuevo Laredo issued a security alert on Wednesday, warning against gun battles and urging government employees to take precautions. Gun battles have killed at least three people this week in the northern city bordering the Texas city of Laredo, media have said.  It [is] one of the Mexican cities where the U.S. government has sent asylum seekers to wait as their cases are decided. "The consulate has received reports of multiple gunfights throughout the city of Nuevo Laredo," it said in a Twitter post.  "U.S. government personnel are advised to shelter in place." On Twitter, users purportedly from Laredo reported hearing gunfire ringing out from the neighboring Mexican city. Not surprising at all to hear this. First, these cartel fights happen often.  It's generally cartel versus cartel, but innocent...(Read Full Post)
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