Cancel Yale

The combined endowment of the Ivy Leagues totaled $135 billion at the end 2018, a figure that will be considerably higher in 2019.  Hence the sharp observation that they are hedge funds masquerading as universities.  If only they were so benign.  As these institutions never tire of reminding us or themselves, they educate the leaders of tomorrow; are led by renowned professors; make use of research, grants, and publications to shape the contours of modern debate; and spread their influence through vast alumni networks. I write with particular interest in my alma mater, Yale, where I graduated many years ago summa cum laude from Yale College, Yale School of Management, and Yale Law School.  I take this opportunity to renounce myself as an alumnus in good standing.  And I encourage as many alumni as possible to join in the movement to Cancel Yale, or your respective educational institution.  Why? The final straw for me is...(Read Full Post)
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