Can the press just stop hyping Parnas?

The latest press hack to climb onto the Lev Parnas bandwagon is, no surprise, Washington Post #NeverTrump columnist Kathleen Parker. Here she goes: Thanks to Trump, we are living in a world of sleaze It’s tough enough keeping count of the former Trump associates who’ve been indicted, convicted or imprisoned. With startling regularity, new names emerge on what seems a bottomless list of scoundrels and grifters. We began this presidential caper, after all, with revelations of a porn star paid off to keep silent about an alleged affair with Trump shortly after Melania Trump had given birth to their son. Never wonder why so many Americans are disgusted by this president. But what might finally bring Trump down are not alleged sins of the flesh but abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — the two charges laid out in articles of impeachment now before the U.S. Senate. Last week, following the slow tortures of the House impeachment process, a new...(Read Full Post)
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