Bernie's words about climate change are inspiring frightening people

One of the things that obsessed the candidates on during Tuesday's 7th Democrat primary debate was climate change.  Whatever they say, whatever they promise, it always loops back to that topic. Bernie, especially, framed the matter in doomsday terms.  When he challenged the USMCA trade deal, he skipped over the usual economic grounds for opposing a trade deal and, instead, said the deal failed on climate grounds (emphasis added): [E]very major environmental organization has said no to this new trade agreement because it does not even have the phrase "climate change" in it. And given the fact that climate change is right now the greatest threat facing this planet, I will not vote for a trade agreement that does not incorporate very, very strong principles to significantly lower fossil fuel emissions in the world. [snip] So I happen to believe — and I hope we will talk about climate change in a moment — if we do...(Read Full Post)
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