Bernie compares Soleimani to a Russian dissident

One of the things that became obvious about the Left beginning with 9/11 is that leftists consider anyone who hates America to be virtuous in some way.  It's irrelevant to them that some America-haters are, within their own countries, people who are legitimately fighting for freedom, while others are actively seeking to impose totalitarianism wherever they can.  To a leftist, America-hating is the beginning and the end.  Actors' ideologies and motives are irrelevant. This worldview is how leftists can come out with statements that are morally blind.  Many of us remember that Michael Moore compared the 9/11 killers, who dreamed of a world subordinate to sharia's brutalities, to America's Minutemen, who dreamed of a world of small government, individual liberty, and religious freedom.  We also see this moral blindness in Bernie Sanders, one of the Democrat frontrunners.  In an interview with Anderson...(Read Full Post)
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