Academia's Leftism becomes more aggressive and more stupid

Conservatives have long been concerned about the stranglehold Leftists have had on academia in North America.  Recent news from academia should give them more reason than usual to be worried about what's happen to students trapped in these institutions. The most recent outrage — and it is outrageous — came on Tuesday from the University of Calgary, in Canada.  Professor Ted McCoy, the coordinator of the Law and Society Program in the university's sociology department, sent out a tweet clarifying rumors about his classroom polices: "I heard it rumoured students will fail my class if they cite Jordan Peterson and I'd like to clarify that this is absolutely correct," he tweeted. Jordan Peterson, for those unfamiliar with his work, is a respected professor of psychology with a large body of work that has been cited thousands of times over the years.  Normally, assuming the student cites a publication...(Read Full Post)
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