About that weird NYT endorsement for president

Apparently, ideas don't matter to the brightsters of the New York Times, the supposed room full of the smartest kids in the class as grown-ups, which, once upon a time, was what was said of them. What passes for an idea from them, at least enough to win their presidential endorsement now is...being a woman. Here's their bizarre double endorsement to the two female remainers in the Democratic clown car.  Kamala Harris, eat your heart out: The history of the editorial board would suggest that we would side squarely with the candidate with a more traditional approach to pushing the nation forward, within the realities of a constitutional framework and a multiparty country. But the events of the past few years have shaken the confidence of even the most committed institutionalists. We are not veering away from the values we espouse, but we are rattled by the weakness of the institutions that we trusted to undergird those...(Read Full Post)
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