National Review agrees with Shifty Schiff?

In an article titled "Removal Would Be Insane, Kicking Trump Out of Office Isn't Necessary to Hold Him Accountable," Rich Lowry of National Review states: Congress can hold hearings on a president's conduct, subpoena witnesses and documents and fight the executive with full force if they aren't produced, hold officials in contempt, produce reports, withhold funding, deny the executive traditional forms of interbranch comity, and, if it wants to put down a long-lasting marker, censure the president. The premise of the headline and article is that Trump needs to be held accountable for whatever Lowry thinks Trump did wrong.  Lowry doesn't say what Trump did wrong to incur the wrath of National Review. National Review also published an article by the editors titled "Impeachment Doesn't Require a Crime," stating: Senate Republicans, by and large, have reached an unspoken consensus about President Trump and...(Read Full Post)
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