Why progressives are like the Detroit Lions

Demanding that people fit into a "system" instead of tailoring a "system" to fit people is always a recipe for tedium and monotony.

You systematically remove fathers from inner-city homes for fifty years, and you get Chicago, a dreariness of idiotic murder and mayhem in numbers only Big Media could ignore.  Kids need fathers, and there is just no way around that basic fact.  Yet, in our world, the needs of the system outweigh the needs of the children; the mistakes compound and result in more pointless death.

You get a football coach who tries to fit his players into a predesigned system instead of studying his players and designing a system around their strengths, and you get eternal three- and four-win seasons.

Systemic failure is all around us, yet no one talks about it, because everybody in the media is feeding from the corporate or political trough.

All modern progressive programs or systems are bound to fail because they lack the required generosity of spirit needed to gently move people in a positive direction.

Years ago, there was a television ad about littering.  It showed trash everywhere and finished with the tears of a Native American as he surveyed the American scene.  I remember that wastebaskets appeared in front of every store, and things became much better.  Today, the progressive totalitarian threat is preferred: a sign that screams "$500 fine for littering."  The wastebaskets have disappeared.

We have arrived at this moment because liberals, who control everything, long ago lost sight of our better nature.  They now try to squeeze the circular peg of society into a square hole of predefined dimension.  "This one's a racist, and that doesn't look like America!" they cluck like the hens they are.

As for our coach, he has fallen for a modern fallacy that substitutes long hours for thoughtful moments.

The thoughtful moment is when you face another person and ask yourself, "What can I best say that will draw this man into my corner?  How can I prove to him that I trust his judgment, respect his perspective, and desire his assistance?"

Losers adhere to the system.  Also-rans rush three on every down and lose 12 times a season.

Losers rush to impeachment to protect a nonfunctioning system while alienating at least 63 million voters who desire a government that works for them and not against them.

Not one man among us was put upon this Earth to feed the desires and needs of any damned system.  Our intrinsic value lies well outside the narrow boundaries a human-devised system can possibly offer.

Ask any Trump voter.

Ask any football player. 

Ask any kid growing up in Chicago.

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