Tucker Carlson goes too far on populism and Cabela's

Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News is always interesting and provocative.  Not only will he puncture liberal talking points like so many toy balloons, but he takes on some of the lamest characters on the right.  I especially liked his prescient feud with John Bolton, the most overrated character in the Republican Party since the young Harold Stassen. But in the rush to embrace some sort of populist "new way" economy, by Tucker and other Trumpist intellectuals, and marginalize the egomaniac billionaires who seem to own both political parties, a lot of unavoidable market truths are being ignored to the detriment of whatever legacy the Trump years may create. A good example is Tucker's recent piece on buy-out king Paul Singer, blaming him for wrecking little Sidney, Nebraska when Cabela's recently merged with Bass Pro Shops.  Only it wasn't Singer who sold out Sidney; it was the owners, the Cabela family, who...(Read Full Post)
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