Trump, sainthood, and Christianity

Christianity Today editor Mark Galli has been roundly criticized by Evangelical leaders across the country for his call to have Trump impeached and removed from office for being "immoral" — not for what he's accused of, but for something unrelated. Galli and his various left-wing supporting Christian crew are wondering why they are getting so much flak in response.  Evidently, they've forgotten that Christ commanded us not to get caught up in controversies and to be kind and loving to one another. Christians are fighting about a politician who hit on various women as a billionaire.  Not as president, as was the case of Bill Clinton.  It's just so unseemly for the critics.  Such immoral behavior!  Hitting on all those women!  How dare he?  As if any of them were any better. Think about the war the left wing has prosecuted against Christians and the stifling attacks on the...(Read Full Post)
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