The winter of our disgust

Democrats and their allies in the traditional news media have managed to squander any political leverage they gained by winning control of the House of Representatives in 2018.  Their single-minded focus on a manufactured impeachment of President Trump is transparent and obvious to even the casual observer.  Only the naïve and leftist true believers are still all in supporting the Dems' ongoing shenanigans masquerading as a legitimate impeachment inquiry.

The Adam Schiff/Jerry Nadler sideshow was short on verifiable facts and long on opinion and hearsay.  Leftist academics with track records of anti-Trump statements and activism are held up as neutral constitutional arbiters of all aspects of the impeachment process. There are indications that swing-district voters are growing weary of this nonsense and may be experiencing buyer's remorse for giving the House to the Dems.  A recent Gallup poll indicates the following:

1) Trump's job approval rating has gone from 39% to 45%.

2) Support for Trump's impeachment and removal has dropped from 52% to 46%.

In addition, despite Nancy Pelosi's brave face in public, let's look at the text of a recent fundraising email sent out by her campaign staff (written in Nancy's first-person voice):

I'm deeply disturbed.

I just got word that top political experts are saying President Trump has a path to victory — one that could propel Republicans into ripping my Majority right from under me.

Make no mistake: Trump could win next year — and it's all thanks to the whopping $15O MILLION he has in the bank.

I'm calling on you to help me stop him.

It takes grassroots supporters (like you!) to help me keep my Majority, and prevent Trump from taking back the White House and winning a Republican Congress next year.

Will you renew your Democratic Membership and donate $1 before midnight?

Here is another one, this from The Indivisible Team, a group partially funded by George Soros' organization.  Do they really sound confident when they let their guard down among each other?



This week, Axios reported that a reactionary right-wing group staffed by former Trump officials is launching more than $2 million's worth of ads on social media, TV, and newspapers, targeting House Democrats.

And this isn't the first time. Per The Hill, they spent $1 million earlier this year on their first round of ads -- and it drove over 34,000 calls into congressional offices.

Democrat politicians and their support groups, in their private moments, know that they have overplayed their hand with the impeachment farce.  They have awakened a sleeping giant often referred to as the Silent Majority, and we who count ourselves among their ranks are disgusted.  The Democrats will learn the full impact of our disgust on election night 2020.  Predictably, they'll be quick to blame the Russians or Ukrainians for yet another of their failures.   

Michael A. Bertolone, M.S. is a freelance writer in Rochester, N.Y.

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