The unhinged Left can doom us

America is being torn apart into two separate and incompatible societies.  There are those who hate President Trump to a degree that’s difficult to understand.  Many are not able to have a rational discussion about the President.  And there are those who not only believe that men and women are interchangeable, they will try to destroy anyone who disagrees with this position.  Members of the “resistance” don’t see any hatred in their obsession to destroy President Trump, but they seem to see nothing but hatred in any opinion that is different from their own.

Recent changes in society have been so momentous and so abrupt as to almost seem supernatural.  There’s also an amazing level of blindness in modern society.  We repeatedly engaged in the extremely severe act of going to war, and we did it with an unwillingness to have an honest discussion about what we were getting into.  After thousands of lives and trillions of dollars wasted, we still cannot have an honest discussion about Islam.  Nation-building might work in Haiti or El Salvador, but with a portion of Islamic society violently opposed to modernization, nation-building is never going to work in the Muslim world.  Our inability to criticize Islam has been catastrophic. 

Political correctness is what it’s called but merely giving it a name doesn’t explain how so many people can be so stupid.

There is also the crazy out-of-control deficit spending which looks almost suicidal at this point.  There is the stupidity or greed of our political leaders who allowed and even facilitated the move of manufacturing to China.  They still don’t seem to realize what a big mistake that was.

There has been a collapse of reason on many issues.  Global warming, if true, will play out over a long period of time, and can only be solved by new technology.  The alarmists are calling for an extreme sacrifice by everyone except themselves even though it won’t have a big impact on global warming. 

This hypocrisy may be because some alarmists don’t really believe in global warming but are only using it to advance globalism.  These are socialists since globalism is only a repackaging of socialism, but whether it’s called socialism or globalism, or a fight against “global warming”, it seems supernatural that there are so many people around the world who still believe government takeover of the economy is a great idea.  It’s hard to imagine how an idea can be so thoroughly discredited as socialism.  It’s hard to calculate the number of people killed by socialism.

At its core, socialism is a rejection of God.  Socialism in all its manifestations is an attempt to build a utopia separate from God.  The socialists believe they can do better than God.  The socialists are trying to build the tower of Babel, and they will always fail.  President Trump has said they’re not after me, they’re after you, which is true.  If you pull back another layer, they’re not after the people who believe in God, who they are really after is God.  It’s like what God told Samuel, “They have not rejected you, they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.”

None of this is to say that the end of the world is near; this has to do with the rise and fall of nations.  If you believe in God and you can see the craziness that’s taking place today, then you cannot dismiss without consideration the idea that God, for whatever reason, is causing the craziness.

“Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad,” is a line from a poem by Longfellow. It’s not Biblical, but the Bible often talks about the lofty being made low, and the prophet Isaiah talks about God causing the wisdom of the wise to perish.  Much of the elite and the Left have been hostile to God for years, and as their anger has grown so has their irrationality.  At the 2012 convention, the Democrats even booed God, and that’s when things started really getting crazy.  To be fair, the Democrats are neither crazy nor stupid, but they are in rebellion against God and God is making them look stupid.

If God is causing the insanity, this suggests that we are facing judgment.  The Left is facing judgment, the elites are facing judgment, but since the Democrats may at some point regain power, it may be America that is facing judgment.  If so, the judgment would likely come when the Democrats return to power.  While a victory by the Democrats may seem unlikely, there have been a lot of unexpected twists and turns in recent years.  Four years ago, few people thought Donald Trump would be president, now it’s believed he can’t lose.

Graphic credit: Public Domain Vectors

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