Joe Biden needs a geography lesson

Joe Biden’s latest gaffe reveals profound ignorance about a vast human tragedy caused by socialism. Yet voters are supposed to favor Joe Biden because he’s so experienced, especially in foreign policy, at least according to the mainstream media and other Democrats. For example, via Foreign Policy magazine, “Joe Biden is the only candidate for the White House with a foreign-policy philosophy that’s proven to work.

However debatable that assertion is, one thing that is undeniable is that his knowledge of geography is, to be charitable, sketchy. Watch him tell the Des Moines Register editorial board about the refugees from the disaster that socialism has wrought in Venezuela about their impact on… Bolivia:

Bolivia is, at its closest point, hundreds of miles from Venezuela, and the trek there would take pelple through Amazonian jungle.

Now, Americans are not renowned for their knowledge of world geography, to be sure. But when it comes to refugees from Venezuela, Colombia has borne the brunt of millions, to the point where it is straining that nation’s capacity to host them. This is well known to anyone who pays attention to news about Venezuela.

Had any Republican, especially President Trump, made such a gaffe, it would receive extensive publicity. But with Biden, not only is no note taken in the media, nobody thinks it is anything other than “Joe being Joe,” meaning an ignortant fool.

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