The Sons of Liberty, then and now

"There are certain periods when human patience can no longer endure indignity and oppression.  The spark of liberty then kindles into a flame..."

—In a letter from Samuel Adams to his cousin John Adams, dated October 4, 1790

Samuel Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock are the names famously associated with the term "Sons of Liberty."  These are men were so vitally important to the advent of the American Revolution and the forming of our country that we refer to them as our Founding Fathers.  History tells us there were a great many other courageous Americans who also played key roles during this period.  These are a few of those people whose names aren't traditionally known by many Americans:

Dr. Joseph Warren — A highly intelligent and successful physician, Warren led meetings with other patriots at The Green Dragon Tavern, which was called "the headquarters of the revolution" by Daniel Webster.  Dr. Warren gave the orders to Paul Revere and William Dawes to ride to Lexington and Concord to warn the militia of the Redcoats' impending arrival.  He also ordered Benedict Arnold to attack Ft. Ticonderoga.  Dr. Warren died during the Battle of Bunker Hill.  The importance of Dr. Warren's role during the war combined with his charismatic personality and esteem led many people to believe that he could very well have been our first American president.  

Robert Morris — A wealthy Philadelphian credited with almost singlehandedly financing the American Revolution.  Although neither an academic nor a military man, Morris went on to achieve great accomplishments, including being elected to the Continental Congress in 1775 and being only one of two signers of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution.  From "In 1789, President George Washington appointed Morris Secretary of the Treasury, but he declined the office and suggested Alexander Hamilton instead."

Sybil Ludington — Known as "the female Paul Revere."  Sybil Ludington was a 16-year-old daughter of militia colonel Henry Ludington.  On April 26, 1776, Sybil was dispatched by her father to ride 40 miles on horseback to the nearby town of Dansbury, Conn. to warn the colonists that the British were coming.  Sybil rode twice the distance Paul Revere did and was later commended by George Washington for her heroism. 

These are only three examples of individuals who played their roles to ensure the success of the American Revolution.  With the current political crisis threatening to tear our country apart, modern-day Sons and Daughters of Liberty have come to the forefront to help save our country.  In my esteem, these are the people who will be recorded in history for helping save everything our Founding Fathers fought and died for. 

Devin Nunes
Jim Jordan
Matt Gaetz
Kevin McCarthy
Mark Meadows
Tom Fitton
John Solomon
Sara Carter
Sean Hannity

I know there are many others one could easily add to this list.  Whom would you add?

Side note: The Green Dragon Tavern still exists in the form of a restaurant and museum.  I know that one is located Boston, Mass. and the other in Carlsbad, Calif.  If you live close to or are visiting one of those two areas, I highly encourage you to stop by and check them out.  The Green Dragon Tavern in Carlsbad has a museum dedicated to that period leading up to the American Revolution.  The museum is free, and you're welcome to view the exhibit with your favorite cocktail in hand.

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