The mind readers

There is an entire industry being built around the wholly imagined ability to divine the thought processes of the other.  It exists primarily as a mechanism to absolve the readers of guilt and/or responsibility for actions.  Zero tolerance rules and regulationss are prime examples. A case in point are hate crimes.  Laws against such things are dependent upon the interpretation of clues, some of which may be language used in the offense, or the extrapolated meaning of the racial disparities of victim and perpetrator, and so on.  Another byproduct is the “victim statement” so common in criminal trials.  What on earth does the victim’s feelings have to do with the proper sentence applied by jury or judge?  If feelings are so important in such venues, why are physical reactions in the court room not allowed as well?   What on earth do these feelings have to do with the justice sought other than to allow...(Read Full Post)
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