The kindness and class of Donald John Trump

Sometimes all it takes is one action to know someone’s kindness and class. 

President Trump has many such actions: the kiss on the head of the young boy who hugged President Trump while signing the Right to Try Act, the honor bestowed on Miosotis Familia, a New York City police officer killed in the line of duty, and the honor he shows our vets as they respond with serious hugs, no simple pats on the arm for our president.

YouTube screen grab

The ultimate simple act that displayed President Trump’s kindness and class was his hand on Kim Jong Un’s back guiding him to the right door during the North Korea-United States Singapore Summit.  It takes class to show respect for someone who has not earned it. What Kim earned was a bullet to his head for how he tortured one of our young American men, Otto Warmbier, leaving him brain damaged. 

During this simple act, I suspect President Trump was thinking of Otto at the hands of this cruel dictator.  For the greater good, at the chance of denuclearization, our president did what he had to do. What we have learned in three years of President Trump’s administration is that he works tirelessly for the American citizens and he does it with kindness and class. We love our president.

Carol Headrick is  author of Obama Elected Trump

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