The death of decorum

This might be considered a very late obituary concerning the death of decorum in our political system. Pinning down the exact time of death is a difficult task since the erosion of decorum has been ongoing for some decades now. Perhaps the first indications of the death of this once popular fashion can be pin pointed to the resignation of House Speaker Jim Wright in the early Summer of 1989. For those of you not familiar with the events surround his resignation, the late Speaker of the House was under investigation for House ethics rules violations; specifically, for the employment of his wife in an investment firm which gave the appearance of impropriety, given that Speaker Wright could write legislation to benefit the investment firm. Additionally, the Speaker would collect enhanced honorarium fees for speaking by requiring that a larger numbers of books, which he authored, be purchased to be provided to the members of the organization to which he was to speak. These seem like...(Read Full Post)
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