Ocasio-Cortez wants everything you ‘need’ to be free

She calls it “universality” of things that “people need,” but that just means free stuff, even for people who refuse to work.

She mentions that healthcare is a “right.” Housing is a “right.”

“For the things we depend on to live, we need at bare minimum, a public option if not guaranteed universality,”

YouTube screen grab (cropped)

Then she mentions the “transition” – to what? She doesn’t say. But a world in which the state provides everything you need is not a market economy, it is a communist “worker’s paradise.”

This video requires just over half a minute of your time (apologies for the poor sound quality):

A reader comments:

Hey I need sunscreen and it’s expensive. Will the government pay for it? What about an addition to my home for when family comes to visit and they need a place to stay?  Oh, and I need a garden so I can grow my own food. And while the government is at it, I’ll need seeds, and better yet, some start plants.

Oh, and hey, my roof got damaged in a recent storm. Can the government please fix it because it’s a human right that I not live in a place with a leaky roof. And while they’re at it, could they please hurry up? I need a pet to help keep me calm and prefer a pure breed. Hey, Uncle Sam. Pony up. (And when I move to the country, I’d like a pony, too!) And right now, I’m housebound, so I need to be able to control home systems from an iPad, so that’s another necessity the government should pay for. I also need a television in every room and surround sound because it’s hard to hear with normal speakers. And since I don’t cook well and don’t like to cook, it would be useful to have a live in cook to help me stay on track with my eating.

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