Nancy Pelosi announces the done-deal impeachment

That was fast.

Took all of three crazy far-left professors, screaming their lungs out, one of them even insulting a child, to get Democrats to announce their slapdash impeachment show.  Took 'em all of a day.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi, wearing her best Tulsi Gabbard–style white pantsuit, a giant flag pin, and some really weird eyelid makeup, crawled out to do the honors:

She opened with a pious recital of the Declaration of Independence, attempting to equate President Trump's decision to temporarily withhold aid to Ukraine with American independence itself.  Ukraine, see, is more important than America if the idea is to Get Trump.  She piously nattered on with quotes from James Madison and Gouverneur Morris about the dangers of "a dangerous and corrupt leader."  See, Americans are as oppressed as Uighurs if the truly corrupt Ukrainian government doesn't rightfully get its nose in the snoot by her logic.

The talk goes on and on, and none of it even remotely evoked Ukraine's supposed constitutional right to foreign aid.  Only by around minute six on the video did she get around to how Trump "abused his power at the expense of our national security."

National security?  Like, we were threatened by this act?  Ukraine got itself some cartels shooting up its country and smuggling illegals and drugs over here?  Ukraine got some nuclear-tipped missiles pointed our way and threatening to hit the button?  Ukraine bothering our Navy on the high seas?  Ukraine training "radicalized" terrorists to shoot up malls and Christmas fairs?  Those are actual national security issues. 

For Pelosi to claim that national security revolves around Ukraine, a nation that didn't even make the grade for NATO membership, is laughable.  President Obama even denied the country aid when it was being attacked.  But somehow Trump owes Ukraine aid, or there's no national security.  The border, the terrorists, the real rival powers such as China and Russia aren't national security issues, just crony pork-barrel shovelings to Ukraine, which, given Ukraine's sump of corruption, are probably going to get stolen anyway.  Ukraine is nothing but a hard-luck country that we often help out of the goodness of our hearts, but it matters zero our national security whether we do or we don't.

After that, Pelosi lied about what went down in the one-day express Judiciary Committee, suggesting that the tiny group of legal scholars quoted were all in agreement that the president abused his power.  These Democrat-picked and verifiably leftist "witnesses," which we know as the three screaming leftist professors, agreed, all right, but that's again zero evidence of a consensus.  The one legal scholar who actually cares about his reputation, Jonathan Turley, a man who doesn't even like Trump, called bee ess, but Pelosi didn't mention him.

"His wrongdoing shreds at the very heart of our Constitution," she intoned, less and less credible the more she babbled. 

After that, with nothing further to argue, she went back to the founding fathers, with a manic twinkle in her eyes and a phony librarian smile on her face, quoting Benjamin Franklin, in a smarmy switch so icky that her viewers probably wanted to put their fist through the computer screen right then and there.  "Democracy itself is at stake," she burbled.

After that, she ranted on on how, "sadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders and with hearts full of love for America," she argued for impeachment of Trump.  Then she went back to babbling about "Divine Providence" as if she weren't from the party that booed God at its convention. 

It was vomit-inducing for its mockery of the founding fathers and obvious rigging and partisan motives.

Two things are likely to come of it.  One, the thing will fail in the Senate, and the Democrats are calculating that it will harm Trump's re-election bid even as their own weak and unelectable candidates aren't going to make it to president.

Two, a bar has been lowered, given that Democrats have abused their power in the very way they accuse Trump of doing.  At some point, Democrats will hold the presidential slot, and a Republican House will now have the green light to impeach whomever the heck they get in there.  What a lovely thing to look forward to: elections by impeachment.

There's one other thing worth noting: Pelosi's delivery was sepulchral and creepy, same as her retort (alongside Sen. Chuck Schumer, looking for all the world like Your Parents) to President Trump's build-the-wall government-shutdown speech.  That creepy delivery from Pelosi again ought to trash Democrats generally in the polls.  Couldn't happen to a more impressive claque of scoundrels. 

Image credit: Fox News via YouTube screen shot.

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