Liberty at bay

An ethereal creature named Liberty is not faring well at all. She no longer stands on her own but is reclined and closely monitored. Her breathing is assisted mechanically and her heart beats to the pulse of her very own electrical grid. What thoughts she still has of her own are recorded and stored remotely, against the event of social heresy, and an entertainment screen, now fixed before her eyes, plays out a thousand and one variants of the latest narrative.  She has run her course bravely and purely, through a world of hungry and snarling tyrants. She has led an army of the lovers of her heart, humbling and emboldening them to strike courageously, all together, as  one, in faithful union with the God who made them, the Son who saves them, and the Spirit that has urged them on, above all earthly things, to lift her up for His sake, that His children might be free to choose Him, and so to be loved by Him. Her followers are falling away, day by day, paying her lip...(Read Full Post)
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