Impeaching Trump: the Dems' jump-the-shark moment

Remember the final scene of Planet of the Apes?  Charlton Heston howled, "You maniacs!  You blew it up!  Damn you all to hell!" 

For 230 years, impeachment has never been used solely as a political weapon.  Deranged Democrats have blown up that 230-year tradition by voting to impeach a president who has not committed a crime.  Because Trump had the gall to defend himself against fake news media lies and investigate Deep State political corruption, Democrats voted to impeach him.

I say again, "Trump has done nothing illegal."  As a matter of fact, Trump has our economy booming in historic ways.  Every American should be singing, "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!"

Watching the Democrats flood the airwaves with their lie that Trump must be impeached because he is a clear and present danger is extremely bizarre.

The Democrats' behavior reminded me of a comedy skit with the late Don Adams.  His wife arrived home, catching Adams in bed with a woman.  As his stunned wife watches, Adams and the woman get out of bed, get dressed, and both leave the bedroom, saying absolutely nothing to her.  Adams's wife is left standing there, questioning whether or not she actually saw what she saw.

The I.G. report caught government agencies and Democrats in bed together, engaged in an illegal orgy of political corruption to overturn the 2016 presidential election.  Rather than begging for mercy, these arrogant scumbags are all over TV, pretending they've done nothing wrong.

The arrogance of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as they attempted to flimflam our president is truly sickening.  My wife Mary said watching the impeachment fiasco raised her blood pressure.  Consumers of fake news are led to believe that Democrats have Trump dead to rights and that his presidency is toast.

I advised Mary to stop watching that crap.  Folks, we are extremely blessed to have conservative media, a cool refreshing oasis of truth in the desert wasteland of fake news media.

Following the wisdom of Deputy Barney Fife, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell must nip this absurd impeachment scam in the bud, acquitting the president as soon as possible.

The Senate acquittal of the president will cause fake news media to have a cow.  Who the heck cares?  Due to their irrational rage and hatred for Trump and his voters, they lie about everything.  Therefore, Republicans should not give a rat's derrière about appeasing the fake news media.

Trump is unique, unlike any Republican president before him.  Every tactic proven to destroy Republicans has failed on Trump, driving Democrats, the Deep State, and fake news media crazy.  Therefore, I do not believe that Dems' faux impeachment will stop Trump's agenda or cause average Joe American to abandon him.

Folks, the Democrat party and fake news media are driven by evil forces. No dirty trick they employ to further their satanic agenda will surprise me.  My concern is Republicans and conservatives who still do not understand the extreme evil we are dealing with.  They foolishly believe that aif we play fair, Democrats and their media minions will treat us fairly.

Blowing up our government with their faux impeachment proves that Democrats, the fake news media, and the Deep State will stop at nothing to block Trump from giving our country back to We the People as our Founders intended.  Extending an olive branch to these scoundrels is idiotic.

I believe that impeaching our president for nothing was a crucial mistake, Democrats' jump-the-shark-moment — exposing their corruption, arrogance, and hatred for everyday Americans.  It is said that payback is a "b."

In November, We the People will make Democrats pay, big time!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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