How to conduct a successful climate change strike

Recent efforts to organize a climate change "strike" have brought together countless thousands of young people, supposedly across 4,500 locations in 150 countries, to demand that action be taken to address climate change.  The total number of people involved has been estimated to be several million.  After all of the protesting, it has been admitted that the entire activity has accomplished essentially nothing.  There is a better way to conduct a climate change strike so that it is more successful, even if it does not produce the same level of media coverage. The genuine way to conduct a climate strike is to do nothing.  This sounds like a surrender and an attitude of apathy.  However, what I mean is not that everyone simply continue their daily life and routine as though there were no problem to be faced.  That is never what is meant by a strike.  What I mean is that the way to conduct a serious...(Read Full Post)
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