How the Democrats fail

Throughout the Dems’ impeachment inquisition, Republicans have reminded us what their elected representatives could be doing:  USMCA, prescription drug pricing, the National Defense Authorization Act, gun safety, transportation, infrastructure, and, oh yes, funding the government.  Instead, the Democratic-controlled House has issued more subpoenas than bills.  It is not idle hands that do the devil’s work, but idle minds, and the Dems, like reflexive zombies without conscious experience, are a  mindless throng of the undead. Beholden to their Trump- and America-hating base, they contravene the better angels of our nature.  Their lack of self-awareness, empathy, and compassion allows devilish thoughts to riddle and pervert their vacuous heads.  The few holdouts who are capable of self-reflection dare not acknowledge the empirical evidence that America is thriving.   More than the best house on a bad block, we represent a shining...(Read Full Post)
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