Hillary Clinton misuses Tikkun O'lam to bring down President Trump

In a speech this week to the Jewish Labor Committee of New York City, Hillary Clinton exhorted her audience to fight and depose the Trump administration. She said: "Do it for Tikkun O'lam." Tikkun O'lam, "repairing the world," has become the buzzword of very liberal Jewish groups wishing to give a kosher stamp of approval to their left-wing agenda.  It has morphed into a political term during the last three decades.  When liberals, the Jewish Reform movement, and Jewish Democrats speak today of "Tikkun O'lam," they are mischaracterizing and convoluting a concept for political gain and to provide a "religious" sheen on the left/liberalism that has been their political lodestar for decades.  They are manipulating Tikkun O'lam to conform to their a priori devotion to liberalism and provide themselves license to socially engineer virtually every aspect of society, permanently embed the welfare state,...(Read Full Post)
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