Democrats hate religion

Recently, I made a statement on social media that the Democrats hate religion.  This was a broad stroke of the paintbrush and offended many Democrats.  But I stand by the statement.

The radical left is fully embracing the tenets of socialism.  Because the Democrats are refusing to condemn those who espouse these views, they are giving tacit approval of the agenda.  We saw this happening at the 2012 Democrat convention, when the audience booed at the mention of God.  The offenders were not called out on this affront to the respect due to God and those who worship Him.

As Jesus said, one cannot serve two masters.  Socialism, as we have seen played out in all countries that have tried it, and as described by Karl Marx, demands total obedience to the state.  The state is a god.  The state decides who can live and die, and it speaks of "the people" but not the individual.  Individuals have only those rights given by the state, if given any rights at all.

In contradistinction, America was founded on the Judeo-Christian doctrine of free will.  If God grants us free will, He grants us individuality.  Our founders felt that this God-given individuality demands individual rights as ordained by God.  The state should never be given permission to infringe on those rights.

In order for Socialism to seize control of this country, religion, especially Christianity, will have to be destroyed.  That is why these so-called Progressives (AKA socialists) hate Christian principles.  These principles are a roadblock on the goose-step march to socialism.

The radical leftists have been insidiously and assiduously at the religious ramparts and have been tearing them down for decades.  God is not allowed in public schools and many public buildings.  We see a degradation of all things holy and decent.  There is no respect for human life, real gender identity, holy matrimony, and almost all forms of morality.

I see no movement in the Democrat party to counter these nefarious ideas.  So yes, the Democrats, by their actual and tacit approval of this radical agenda, hate religion.

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