Can anyone honestly say journalists and other Democrats have been fair to Trump?

For three years, the media and other Democrats have been searching for a high crime or misdemeanor with which to impeach Trump.  They finally came up with two non-crimes.  If an opposition party not liking a policy decision of a president and a president exerting executive privilege were legitimate causes to impeach, all previous presidents would have been impeached.  In contrast, President Clinton was impeached for an actual felony that is clearly a high crime.

President Obama abused power, ignored the rule of law, and violated the Constitution when he dictatorially changed immigration law.  Most of the media and other Democrats not only didn't care, they cheered.  There were no impeachment hearings on abuse of power or separation of powers.

The greatest abuse of power I have ever seen is when the Obama administration utilized its great power and massive amount of taxpayer money to target Trump and protect Hillary.  Somehow, the bureaucrats in the Obama administration thought they should determine the election instead of voters.  In other words, they meddled.  They utilized a known false dossier, paid for by the corrupt DNC and Hillary.  Then they lied to the courts as justification to spy on people surrounding Trump.

Instead of Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, and other Democrats caring about pure corruption, perjury crimes, unequal treatment of the law, and the politicization of the Justice Department and intelligence agencies, they continue to target Trump for fictional crimes.  After seeing that the Mueller investigation concluded that no one surrounding Trump colluded with Russia, and seeing the I.G. report showing the targeting and corruption, the Democrats, with the support of most of the media, intentionally continue to perpetuate the lie to the public that Trump worked with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Now, as editorial pages around the country and Democrat senators proclaim that Trump is guilty and should be removed from office, we hear the talking points from Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, and many journalists that the trial in the Senate won't be fair.  What a pathetic joke!  For over three years, the media and other Democrats have said Trump is guilty with no evidence.  Has that been fair?

They sought to destroy Brett Kavanaugh with no evidence.  Was that fair?

For years, they have continued to intentionally lie about what occurred in Ferguson, Missouri.  They sought to destroy a white cop with lies and the false narrative "hands up, don't shoot."  Is ginning up racial hate and violence, especially against cops, to push an agenda fair?

They intentionally lied as they sought to destroy white Catholic boys because they wore MAGA hats to gin up racial hate against Trump.  Was that fair?

To this day, they lie about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial hate.  And they talk about being fair?

How many people are the media willing to destroy in order to elect Democrats and push their radical agenda?  It is the Democrats who seek to divide the country every day.

If the Obama administration had been fair, its members would not have spied on Trump because there was no evidence.  Had Rod Rosenstein been fair, there would not have been a Mueller investigation because there was no crime or evidence of a crime.  The Mueller team would not have been stacked with anti-Trump people.  They would have prosecuted Hillary because there was massive evidence of criminal activity.  There would not have been endless investigations of Trump in the House with a huge number of subpoenas because there was never any evidence of a crime.  Why should the Democrats get to see eight years of Trump tax returns when there is no justification?

If we want the Senate to be fair, there would be no trial because there is no high crime or misdemeanor.  The charges would be dismissed in a normal courtroom.

We also continually hear that Trump is unfit for office because his tweets are mean and cruel.  For over three years, Trump and his supporters have been called racists, bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, and sexists by the media and other Democrats.  We have been called deplorables and irredeemable.  We are called stupid and anti-science as we tell the truth that the climate has always changed naturally.  We are called white supremacists and described by the racist term "white privilege."  Now who is unfit for office and mean and cruel?

As Trump has sought to give power and money back to the people as fast as possible, he is described as a dictator and fascist when he is exactly the opposite to intentionally mislead the public.  It is Democrats, who transfer as much power and money to the government as fast as possible, who are much more like dictators and fascists than Trump.  Obamacare was a dictatorial policy that took away freedom of choice from all of us.

Here is a small sample of cruel and mean policies of Democrats:

Every policy which seeks to make more people dependent on government instead of giving opportunities to move up the economic ladder.

The policy to get rid of fossil fuels which will destroy tens of millions of jobs, would greatly harm the poor and middle class with higher prices and would reduce the quality and length of life for all of us.

The policy on abortion which supports allowing fully developed babies to be killed and supports allowing a mother and doctor to allow a baby who has been born to die without care. They call it reproductive choice because infanticide doesn't poll test well.

Giving tyrants who pledge death to Israel and death to America access to hundreds of billions of dollars.

It becomes clearer every day that the greatest existential threat to our freedom, prosperity and integrity of elections are the cabal of journalists who will seek to destroy anyone who gets in the way as Democrats quest for power. Trump and economic freedom are certainly not a threat nor is a minor temperature rise.

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