Democrats foolishly declaring war on single-family housing

The single-family detached home is one of the glories of America'’s material civilization.  Without noisy and nosy neighbors upstairs, downstairs, and sharing a wall next door, the single-family home becomes our castle, our refuge from enforced contact with others.  Privacy! Estimates vary slightly, but the overwhelming majority of us live in single-family homes, most of us as owners, though the financial crisis of 2008 set back owner-occupied housing in favor of renting.  This estimate has 77% of us in such homes: Source. But many of the social engineers among us hate single family homes.  They consume too much energy, take up too much land, and discourage use of transit with low population density.  Because on average they are more expensive than similar-sized and located apartments, they are held to be "racist" toward those minority groups that don't enjoy average or higher levels of income...(Read Full Post)
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