Call the airline if you are flying to Cuba...

The U.S. is clamping down on Cuba, as we see in this report: New sanctions against Cuba take off today as the U-S suspends flights to nine island destinations. The goal is to limit cash flow to the government and punish Cuba for supporting Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.  Havana is now the only airport accepting commercial flights which is going to take a huge toll on travel plans for many South Floridians who go back to visit relatives and bring them necessities.  Retired University of Miami Cuban Studies professor, Dr. Andy Gomez says this could prove to be a risky political move by the Trump Administration since it could anger Cuban Americans who supported him in the last election.  Charter flights are not affected. Commercial flights to Cuba began in 2016 under President Obama. Yes, it will have an impact on people who travel to Cuba.  It will have an bigger impact on the Cuban government desperately looking for every dollar in...(Read Full Post)
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