Will President Trump see orange on Veterans' Day?

For decades, many "forgotten" veterans had "Happier Veterans' Day" for wishes on the 11th of November.  Will Donald Trump be the one who changes the sad tradition, and will he manage to set the Veterans' Administration's priorities straight? Generations of wronged veterans have been bored with insincere speeches and crocodile tears shed on wreaths.  Too many consecutive administrations considered that one day-long ceremony in commemoration of the fallen will do for remembering the living every day.  Then, on November 11, mainstream media that don't usually talk about Agent Orange or veteran homelessness spread peacock's tails of "freebies and deals" for suddenly remembered "beloved veterans."  It's been both heartbreaking and sickening to see over and over again how some politically correct tools congratulate themselves for giving a homeless veteran a burger on his "big...(Read Full Post)
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