Why the House won't vote for impeachment

Although the Democrats may have done a dumb thing by initiating an impeachment process, they aren't so stupid as to damage their electoral prospects as well as their credibility in the wake of the abject failure of the Mueller investigation.  So the too-smart-by-half Democratic elites will take the short-term hit to their credibility on an impeachment inquiry rather than vote out articles of impeachment from the floor of the House of Representatives. First, what kind of articles of impeachment can they write?  The quid pro quo claim is a complete non-starter, where, in essence, they are trying to criminalize the words and the foreign policy of Trump by divining his intention in order to make their case for impeachment.  There is absolutely no law they can point to that he broke in his conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky.  Second, it can't even claim to be a violation of campaign finance laws.  So...(Read Full Post)
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