Why does this bad joke of an impeachment continue?

U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland testifies in kangaroo court Congress's impeachment hearing that he "presumed" a quid pro quo of American aid in return for an investigation of the Bidens' activities in Ukraine.  No one told him there was such a quid pro quo, and President Trump specifically told him there was none. Sondland's testimony tidily sums up the entire case and all the animus against Donald Trump, going back to before his election: it's all based on presumption.  Schiff presumes that he could find the needle of quid in the haystack of pro quo.  The Deep State presumes that all its cocksure liars, traitors, sell-swords, and Strzoks can hamstring Trump's project of Making America Great Again. Going back farther, there's Mueller's presumption that his murder of hate-Trump crows could find something to pin on the president.  Pelosi's presumption that she could push Trump...(Read Full Post)
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