Where were the whistleblowers on foreign policy during Obama’s terms?

Somehow, during the Obama/Biden/Hillary/Kerry eight years we never heard of journalists, career diplomats, FBI, Justice, intelligence agencies and other Democrats being concerned much about any of Obama’s foreign policies.

Where was the outrage by the media and other Democrats when the Obama Administration prosecuted eight whistleblowers for spying?

There was little or no concern when:

Obama reneged on a commitment to put in missile defense shields in Poland and the Czech Republic to appease Russia.

Obama said he would be flexible with Russia if he was reelected. 

Obama pulled troops in Iraq despite being told that was not a good idea.

Obama called ISIS a JV team. 

Obama/Hillary left Democrats unprotected in Benghazi.

Obama/Hillary didn't lift a finger to save Americans under attack.

Obama, Hillary and others concocted a lie about a video that they told to the public and to the families of those who died to protect their political power.

Obama lied about terrorists being on the run.

Russia and its stooges paid huge kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation and got Uranium One in return.

Hillary’s family got huge donations and speech fees from foreign countries.

Hillary and many others violated the nation’s security laws with her private server.

Obama dictatorially stopped an investigation into drug running by terrorists to appease Iran.

Obama refused to give Ukraine defensive weapons when they were attacked by Russia.

Obama didn’t enforce his fictional red line in Syria.

Obama/Kerry assigned responsibility to monitor Assad’s chemical weapons to Putin.

Obama gave the tyrants in Iran who spread terrorism around the World and pledge death to America and death to Israel hundreds of billions of dollars.

Obama paid $1.8 billion in kickbacks to the Iranian tyrants in unmarked bills.

Biden’s son got huge kickbacks from a corrupt Ukrainian company and also got money from China and Romania.

Biden/Obama threatened to cut off over a billion dollars in aid if they didn’t fire a prosecutor who was investigating the company that paid Biden’s son.

Ukraine colluded with Democrats to destroy Trump and elect Hillary in 2016.

But they became very concerned and Trump was dangerous on foreign policy and should be impeached because he wanted to abide by a 1999 agreement with Ukraine to investigate the clear corruption of Biden and the DNC with Crowdstrike,

Ever since Trump started running against Hillary, bureaucrats and other Democrats have searched for a way to defeat and then impeach him. The truth has not impeded Schiff or any other Democrat for the last three years in their goal to reverse the election.

Instead of the media being unbiased observers and reporters, they have been active participants in the indoctrination of the public that Trump is a lawbreaker, ignores the Constitution and is a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, dictator and fascists among other names as they say Trump is divisive.

The meddling by the media to destroy Trump and elect Democrats is much more dangerous to the integrity of our elections than anything Russia or any other foreign country has or is doing.

When the media is intentionally peddling false stories about Russian collusion, lies about what Trump said about Charlottesville, blocking opposing views on climate change, attacking Kavanaugh with no evidence or burying the Jeffrey Epstein story they are campaigners, not reporters. They are anything but fact checkers.

Graphic credit: Pixabay

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