We need a superhero to fix the problem

One of America's greatest achievements has been the constant, accelerated development of medical technology for the advancement of health care for use around the world.  Doctors now employ wide-ranging technologies to "see" things and administer modalities to achieve cures never before possible.  Medical practitioners even in the most remote corners of the globe can use the internet to leverage many of these achievements. But with all of our instruments to now "see" things in the medical realm undetectable before with the naked eye, we as an advanced, highly educated population are failing to see a cancer in America that's metastasizing and threatens us all.  Those on the right of the political spectrum recognize and yearn for a cure, while others on the left embrace with their distorted vision a socialistic goal they believe will ensure the betterment of society.  This philosophical chasm has resulted in a...(Read Full Post)
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