Tulsi Gabbard: The best of the hopeless Democrats

The war of words between Hillary Clinton and Tulsi Gabbard is oddly interesting, bordering on instructive and threatening to go entertaining.  Everybody everywhere wants to see Hillary get it but good, and Tulsi would be the heroine in such a script. Though philosophically coming from the same place, the two differ widely in attitude toward the electorate.  It's the difference between one who thinks of us as insects and one who sees us as voters.  Hillary wants to squash us flat.  Tulsi wants to love us to death with a serious look on her face. You can't but admire Tulsi's fortitude.  She takes on Clinton in a way only Donald Trump and perhaps Seth Rich have dared, going after Hillary's "failed record" in foreign policy as SecState.  "I will lead with a robust, positive foreign policy based on diplomacy and cooperation rather than confrontation and conflict," says she, without...(Read Full Post)
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