Tulsi Gabbard campaign accuses Hillary Clinton of 'defamation'

The conventional wisdom that it is almost impossible for a public figure to win a libel lawsuit has led some people to dismiss the possibility of Tulsi Gabbard suing Hillary Clinton over her comments about her.  I am not so sure. Matt Margolis writes: While it's easy to give Tulsi credit for taking a hard line against Hillary, this letter seems like a PR stunt to me. As a public figure, Tulsi should expect attacks and accusations, and threatening to sue over being called a bad word doesn't evoke a sense of toughness one needs to run for president. YouTube screen grab.   As Margolis notes, even though she got a boost from Clinton's words, Gabbard's campaign has failed to take off.  But that is less of a reason to suspect she will give up on Mrs. Clinton's claims than to suspect she will press ahead.  Gabbard has a political future that could last decades, and she knows that the stain of the implication she is a...(Read Full Post)
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