The Wall comes down: An anniversary that matters

This weekend, the world will remember that a mere 30 years have passed since the death throes of the age of Soviet-directed suppression.  The people of Berlin would have no more patience with the lies and dogmas of socialism and so brought down their hated wall.  In less than a year, Germany was united, and within two years the Soviet Union itself ceased to exist. Good men and women did something.  They actively defied further capitulation to totalitarian control of their lives.  They did their work without social media, cell phones, or the internet.  These modern tools of the information age were unnecessary to defeat the tyrannies that made up the Soviet empire.  Persistent courage, wisdom, and creativity were sufficiently (if temporarily) lethal. Popular culture, even in living memory of the Soviet age, again entertains the sweet-sounding promises of socialism.  Today's affluence and peace...(Read Full Post)
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