The end of Judaism in America?

The story is told of two women from rabbinic families who came recently to Shaarey Zedek Congregation in Southfield, Michigan to discuss Jewish peoplehood.  They are tied together by the synagogue, an institute, and the Conservative movement. Shaarey Zedek is a storied congregation.  When it was founded in 1861, most Jews in America had come from Germany, where Judaism was rapidly moving toward Reform.  As the nineteenth century unfolded, worshipers who favored a more traditional liturgy were breaking off to form what would come to be known as Conservative synagogues.  Not Orthodox, not Reformed — something in between. Another of that type was Tree of Life in Pittsburgh. Even though neither they nor their families accept it, both women are furthering the demise of Judaism in North America: in a 90-minute presentation, not a word was spoken about Judaism, the Jewish religion.  It was all about American Jewish culture and...(Read Full Post)
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