Texas religious billboard censored

Apparently, Dallas-area residents might be offended by mentioning the Bible and dinosaurs in the same sentence. Who'da thunk it?

Down in Dallas, TX, in the heart of the "Bible Belt," is a Christian organization you may or may not have heard of called the Institute for Creation Research (ICR.)  ICR  was founded in 1970 and has, for almost fifty years, conducted scientific research within the context of biblical creation and published numerous scientific papers on a variety of creation-related topics. Its research team is staffed by PhD level scientists with advanced degrees from prominent, well respected universities. 

Recently, ICR opened its Discovery Center for Science and Earth History, a state-of-the-art, multimedia facility that welcomes visitors to explore a perspective on creation and science they may not have ever heard before (or if they have, in a mostly derogatory or condescending manner). As part of its advertising for the new center, ICR decided to place messages on billboards in the Dallas area. One of their design submissions included a picture of a T. Rex along with the short question "Dinosaurs and the Bible?" But, according to ICR spokesperson Jayme Durant, they received an email from the sales rep for the billboard owners saying they wouldn't run the ad. Apparently, that simple, nondiscriminatory message was too "divisive."

According to Ms. Durant: 

"Which part did the billboard sales rep object to? You got it -- the Bible. More specifically, the Bible being included in the same context with dinosaurs. Here’s the complete explanation we received: 'It’s controversial to have a statement that may challenge local beliefs. Saying ‘Dinosaurs and the Bible?’ may stir the pot in that area and cause problems for the sign in that area.'" 

This actually happened in Dallas,TX, not say, Minneapolis, for God's sake. Who knew that Texans were such sensitive snowflakes? 

Now, whether or not you accept ICR's premise of a special, literal six-day creation approximately 6000 years ago, and that all true, verifiable scientific evidence backs this up, you have to admit that banning them from using this advertisement is extreme to the utmost. There was no vulgarity, obscenity, or even, heaven forbid (place your favorite cause here)-phobic statements involved. Nothing to actually offend anyone whatsoever, except the words Bible and dinosaurs. This is where we are at, folks. Religious liberty is being challenged and stifled at every turn. Don't presume for one minute that our freedoms of speech, association, and religion are unassailable, because there are those who have made the elimination of those God-given rights their life's work. 

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