Is the USA headed for a violent revolt in 2020?

The United States was founded in a violent revolution and then, "fourscore and seven years" later, found itself in the midst of a brutal civil war that cost the lives of three quarters of a million Americans, more American deaths than in any other war.

Could another violent internal war in America erupt yet again?  While it is not probable, the possibilities are sobering.

In 1776, the impetus for war had been brewing for many years.  Indeed, as the Declaration of Independence made clear, "mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

When the evils of tyranny were no longer "sufferable," the revolution became an all-out war.

Likewise, in 1861, the seeds of war had been long in taking hold, until they finally bore their deadly fruit. 

In both cases, whatever other "root causes" the historians may identify, the deciding factor was that both warring sides had worldviews that collided.  They were not only incompatible; they were, to each other, insufferable.

In 2019, we have for many years been witnessing the growing divide between two opposing political philosophies, loosely termed "right" and "left" or conservative and liberal, but the names do not capture the real cores of the two sides.  Essentially, the right believes in individuality, the Left in collectivism. 

In normal times (if ever there were any), the two sides could coexist.  Each recognized that society must incorporate both individualistic and collectivist policies to produce infrastructure and distribute wealth and to defend the nation from foreign enemies.  Compromise was necessary.

Today, those considerations seem to take second place.  Atheistic culture and values motivate the extremists on the Left.  They inflame emotions and leave no room for compromise.  Indeed, they have radicalized a generation of people, who have essentially replaced the adult population of the 1940s, otherwise known as the Greatest Generation.

The cultural right had largely been dormant in the face of constantly encroaching government policies favored by the Left until 2009.  Then the first large public outpouring opposing those policies erupted in the TEA Party movement.  Barack Obama had just become the president, and his speeches left no room for doubt that he intended to "fundamentally transform" the United States in ways that were in stark contrast to our founding principles.

The leftist view of America is more than merely jaundiced; it is overtly hostile.  American patriots are openly referred to as Nazis, and the cultural leaders of the Left are brazenly and violently opposed to any peaceful discourse with those with whom they disagree.

The TEA Party movement, while no longer marching under that name, is more alive than ever.  Its adherents are solidly determined to seize what many perceive is their best, last, and final opportunity to preserve freedom.

We found our leader, in the enigmatic, and therefore very unlikely, person of President Donald J. Trump.  He boldly goes where few politicians dare venture.  He is a wrecking ball to the corrupt Washington, D.C. establishment, a no-holds-barred advocate of the "forgotten man and woman," whom the left scorns as Neanderthal gun-rights extremists.

Trump has forced the issue.  The Left, if it is to survive as a political force, must destroy him.  The Left is a cornered, rabid wolf, unhinged, immoral, and violent.  There is literally nothing these people will not do to retain and expand their power over you.

Whichever way the 2020 presidential election goes, the losing side will be in an uproar.  The 2016 election may be but a mild prelude to what will happen.  Remember that even after the final vote had been cast and counted, the Left fought tooth and nail to overturn the results, even openly offering bribes to electors to vote "faithlessly."  Leftists have never stopped opposing the outcome.  They will absolutely not accept another Trump win.

As for the right, our main fear is voter fraud.  Democrats have been relentless in their opposition to any safeguards against it.  If there is any evidence of voter fraud, a Trump loss will be blamed on it.

These are scary times, and the only way we will survive them, as a sovereign nation of free and independent citizens, is to be prepared for the onset of leftist violence, the likes of which are seen today only in third-world countries.

This is not hyperbole.  Even a Democrat president recognized that.  He said:

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom."
—John F. Kennedy

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